Delve into Clone's revolutionary cAMM pools and learn how they enhance liquidity provision and price determination.

While traditional AMMs base prices on the ratio of tokens held in two pools, cAMMs dynamically harness liquidity just before trade execution. This not only ensures better capital efficiency but also means trades are more responsive to real-time conditions.

How cAMMs Work

When a trade is initiated, the cAMM aggregates resources from all LPs' comets based on the liquidity they've committed to the designated pool. In essence, it's akin to conjuring an AMM just-in-time, tailored for the trade at hand. The liquidity is activated at the oracle price at the time of the trade and is shifted based on the collective surplus or debt of clAssets held by LPs.

cAMMs underscore Clone's commitment to innovating within the decentralized trading landscape. By reimagining liquidity provision and pricing, cAMMs offer traders a more flexible and efficient environment, make it easier for LPs to maintain efficient comet positions, and cement Clone's place at the forefront of decentralized trading solutions.

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