What are Cloned Assets?

Discover the concept of cloned assets, the advanced financial instruments on Clone that democratize access to diverse onchain assets.
TLDR: Cloned Assets are a type of Synthetic Asset that focuses on improving liquidity and collateral efficiency.
Cloned assets represent a groundbreaking innovation in the world of DeFi. They provide traders access to a vast array of onchain assets - other cryptocurrencies, tokenized commodities, and more - all in one place, without the need for direct ownership. These cloned assets, or onAssets, mirror the price movements of their real-world counterparts, providing exposure to their respective markets.

Cloned Assets: Pioneering Liquidity and Accessibility

Cloned assets exemplify the power of DeFi and Clone to democratize finance. Unlike traditional financial systems or even other DeFi platforms that often create barriers to entry or lack scalability to expand to new markets, cloned assets offer an open, accessible platform for anyone to participate in diverse onchain markets. By allowing users to leverage their liquidity with comets, Clone's onAssets introduce a new level of capital efficiency to DeFi.

Cloned Assets vs. Synthetic Assets

Traditional synthetic assets seek to replicate a broad range of asset classes on the blockchain. While these assets can provide valuable exposure to a wide variety of markets, they often struggle with capital efficiency and liquidity problems, disallowing their ability to scale to new markets. This is where Clone's cloned assets present a substantial upgrade. Leveraging the power of the Comet Liquidity System, cloned assets not only mirror the price movements of their onchain counterparts, but also vastly improve upon liquidity and collateral efficiency. This improvement allows Clone to offer a broad array of cloned asset markets without suffering from the inefficiencies that have hindered the growth of traditional synthetic asset exchanges.

Paving the Way with Cloned Assets

In essence, cloned assets embody the spirit of DeFi and Clone: accessible, inclusive, and efficient. They are the driving force for financial democratization on our platform, unlocking extensive trading opportunities for all. With an understanding of cloned assets, we invite you to delve deeper into the immense opportunities that they unlock within the Clone ecosystem.