Clone Pool on Solend

A comprehensive guide to utilizing the Clone Pool on Solend for maximizing your DeFi strategies with cloned assets.

The Clone Pool on Solend is designed to offer more strategies and use cases related to cloned assets. This pool empowers users to borrow and lend with cloned assets. In the sections below, we delve into to few examples of opportunities unlocked by this integration.

Deposit clAssets and Earn Passive Yield

Depositing your cloned assets into the Clone Pool on Solend is a straightforward way to generate some passive income. Instead of letting your clAssets sit idle in your wallet, you can deposit them into the Clone Pool and allow them to work for you. This is an ideal strategy for clAsset holders looking for some additional yield.

Shorting clAssets

For those looking to establish short positions, but are unsatisfied with the 250% over-collateral ratio that's required for borrowing clAssets on Clone, the Clone pool is a more capital efficient choice. This approach allows traders to bet against cloned assets by borrowing on Solend and selling them on Clone, with the aim of buying back at a lower price.

Trade clAssets With Leverage

One of the most compelling uses of the Clone Pool on Solend is the ability to maintain exposure to your favorite cloned assets while engaging in other Solana DeFi operations. With the Solend pool you can buy a clAsset, use that clAsset to borrow USDC or SOL, and use that capital wherever you'd like! One example of this would be purchasing clARB on Clone, using that clARB to borrow USDC on Solend, then purchasing more clARB to create a leveraged position. While this strategy will amplify your exposure to any clAsset, it also amplifies your risk, so DYOR before attempting this and make sure to regularly check on your position.

The Clone Pool on Solend opens up a new realm of possibilities for Cloners looking to get more utility from their clAssets. By understanding and utilizing the Clone Pool on Solend, you can develop much more sophisticated trading strategies using clAssets. Explore the Clone Pool on Solend today and unlock the full potential of your cloned assets.

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