Understand the basics of borrowing clAssets on Clone Liquidity.

Although most users will never need to borrow clAssets, borrowing can be useful for more advanced actions like shorting clAssets. To begin borrowing on Clone Liquidity, locate the Borrow tab on the top of the interface.

Creating Your Borrow Position

Once you're on the Borrow tab, click the "Add new borrow position" button to get started. Next, choose which clAsset you wish to borrow, determine the amount of collateral you're willing to provide, and decide on the quantity of clAsset you aim to mint. Keep in mind that the minimum collateral ratio for borrowing any clAsset is 250%, any borrow position with a collateral ratio lower than 250% will be subject to liquidation. Therefore, we advise maintaining a collateral ratio of at least 300%. Once you've set your parameters, hit the "Borrow" button to initiate the transaction. You've just minted your first clAsset through borrowing!

Managing Your Borrow Position

Now that you've successfully borrowed clAssets, you can monitor your position by navigating back to the "Borrow" tab. Here, you'll find a comprehensive view of your borrow positions. You can easily manage your positions by clicking on them.

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