Official cl1MPEPE Address: 52oxzWdmW7fAqwTfTGnHfg7JZaK8aQqfs5fLBppbVvuA

cl1MPEPE is the cloned asset of PEPE on Solana, designed to bring the popular memecoin to the Solana blockchain with a unique twist. For over a year $PEPE has captivated the crypto community with its whimsical nature and strong community support. cl1MPEPE enables Solana users to engage with the fun and energetic PEPE community while benefiting from the efficiency and scalability of the Solana blockchain. By integrating cl1MPEPE into the Solana DeFi ecosystem, we open up new opportunities for liquidity and trading, expanding PEPE's utility and reach.

Unlike other cloned assets, cl1MPEPE represents 1,000,000 PEPE tokens due to the relatively low price of PEPE. This 1M wrap is necessary to overcome Solana's size limitations and ensure sufficient liquidity for long-term support. To facilitate this process, we developed a custom Arbitrum contract that wraps PEPE into 1MPEPE before bridging it to Solana. This can be done seamlessly through the "Wrapper" tab on Clone Liquidity ( Backed 1:1 by deBridge 1MPEPE, cl1MPEPE ensures a faithful representation of PEPE's value, fostering trust and stability in its market dynamics.

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