Official clARB Address: 9cMWa1wuWcio3vgEpiFg7PqKbcoafuUw5sLYFkXJ2J8M

clARB is the cloned asset of Arbitrum (ARB) on Solana, embodying an advanced Layer 2 scaling solution that bolsters Ethereum's ecosystem. Arbitrum is characterized by its multi-round fraud detection system, which efficiently secures transactions, and the unique Arbitrum Virtual Machine (AVM) that broadens compatibility beyond traditional Ethereum applications.

The ARB token, pivotal in the Arbitrum ecosystem, facilitates decentralized governance and transaction fee management, making it a vital asset in the DeFi sector. clARB enables Solana traders exposure to this token, offering a blend of Ethereum's comprehensive DeFi landscape and the efficiency of Solana's blockchain. This cross-chain accessibility ensures that Solana users can benefit from the innovations and progress happening on Ethereum's network, particularly through Arbitrum's Layer 2 solution.

clARB is can always be minted at a 1:1 ratio by depositing deBridge ARB, ensuring a stable connection between clARB and ARB values. This backing guarantees liquidity and stability for clARB within the Solana ecosystem.

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