Welcome to Clone

Introducing Clone, an advanced synthetic asset exchange on Solana. Discover onAssets, delve into our beautiful UIs, and unlock new trading opportunities in the evolving world of decentralized finance.
Clone, built on the high-speed, low-cost Solana blockchain, is a groundbreaking protocol designed to create and trade synthetic assets—our onAssets. Leveraging an efficient liquidity system, this innovative platform creates a pathway into a diverse universe of assets, allowing exposure without the requirement of direct ownership.

What Are onAssets?

onAssets are synthetic assets, which are digital representations of other digital assets (crypto) and real-world assets (RWAs) that include commodities, fiat currencies, and more. These onAssets track the price movements of their real-world counterparts, which means you can get exposure to various markets across the globe without having to physically own or handle the assets themselves. Whether it's gold, Solana, or the South Korean Won, Clone enables opportunities to diversify your entire investment portfolio on one exchange.

Why Clone?

Central to the Clone experience are two primary user interfaces: Clone Liquidity and Clone Markets, each serving a distinct purpose. Clone Liquidity introduces users to our novel and efficient liquidity solution - the Comet Liquidity System (CLS). For Clone Markets we shift focus to the trading arena. Here, traders can trade onAssets with instant settlement and zero counterparty risk. Together, these interfaces embody the essence of Clone - a blend of efficiency, inclusivity, and usability. To jump into the action, you'll need onUSD, our native stablecoin and your ticket to trading any onAsset in the Clone universe. Clone is more than a protocol; it's a single, integrated platform that allows you to trade any asset class, all your investment needs, catered for on one innovative exchange. It stands as a key player in a broader, vibrant ecosystem, influencing and contributing to the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized finance. This is not just about technology, it's about financial accessibility and inclusivity—a step towards the future of finance.
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