Trading clAssets

Learn how to seamlessly trade clAsset pools on Clone Markets

Welcome to the world of Clone Markets, where you can seamlessly trade across all clAsset pools. When you first visit Clone Markets you will land on the "Home" tab. Here, you'll see data about each clAsset pool listed on Clone. To start trading, either select a pool or navigate to the "Trade" tab on the top of the screen.

The Trade interface presents you with detailed information about the chosen clAsset.

At any time, you can change the clAsset pool using the drop-down menu on the clAsset side of the trade toward the right side of the screen.

The default trading option is to purchase clAsset from the pool using USDC, but of course you can also sell your clAsset back into the pool in exchange for USDC. To switch between these two trading options, simply click the icon with opposite-facing arrows located between the two sides of the trade.

After selecting the clAsset you wish to trade and setting the amount of USDC you are willing to spend, you're ready to execute the trade. For a deeper understanding of your transaction, you can click on "Price Detail" beneath the "Swap" button.

This will provide further information such as the price impact your trade will have on the clAsset pool, the minimum amount of asset you will receive after the trade (based on your slippage tolerance), and the portion of your trade that's paying your trading fees. To finalize your trade, click the "Swap" button.

You are now equipped with the knowledge to trade clAssets on Clone Markets. Whether you're buying or selling clAssets, Clone Markets offers a smooth and user-friendly platform to facilitate your trading activities.

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