Season 1

Season 1 of our Points Program begins with our public mainnet launch on March 1st, 2024. Our points program gives all Cloners an opportunity to climb the ranks by being active within the Clone ecosystem, whether that be through trading, providing liquidity, or even completely Zealy quests!

Trading Points

Earn Points By Trading

Trading is an easy way to accumulate points within Clone Protocol. For every dollar you trade in clAssets, whether buying or selling, you earn an equivalent point. This simple and transparent system ensures that your active participation in the market is consistently recognized. As you navigate through the diverse universe of clAssets, your accumulated Trading Points serve as a testament to your commitment and activity.

Liquidity Points

Liquidity Points are a key way to gauge and reward your contributions as a liquidity provider. These points are earned through two primary methods, each reflecting a different aspect of your impact on the Clone's liquidity.

Earn Points Through Maker Volume

Firstly, Liquidity Points are accrued via Maker Volume. To understand better what this means, let's walk through in an example. Consider your liquidity position makes up 10% of a pool's total liquidity. When a $100 transaction occurs in that pool's clAsset, your Maker Volume (MV) would be...

MV = $100 * \frac{1}{10} = $10

You then get 2/5 of your MV back in points, so in this example you would receive 4 points for the trade. This system ensures a fair reward for your share in facilitating market activities.

Earn Points via Liquidity Per Day

The second method, Liquidity per Day, rewards you based on your daily contribution to the pool. For every $5 of liquidity you provide per day, you earn 1 point. A $1000 liquidity position, for example, would earn you 200 points per day. This incentivizes and acknowledges the importance of continuous liquidity support in the market.

Your efforts in providing liquidity not only support a robust and efficient marketplace but also earn you recognition and rewards within the community. Keep track of your Maker Volume and daily liquidity to optimize your impact and ascend the ranks in the Clone ecosystem.

Social Points

Join The Zealy Campaign

We are excited to continue our Zealy campaign through our mainnet launch, where your engagement in community activities earns you valuable Zealy points. Every Zealy Point will be converted to Social Points on a 1:1 ratio. Get involved and climb the social ranks within the Clone community! Join the Zealy Campaign here.

Participate in Engaging Quests

Our Zealy campaign features a variety of quests designed to deepen your knowledge and involvement in Clone Protocol. Here are just a few examples of some of the quests we offer:

  • Article Hunt: Dive into our Medium articles, hunt for hidden words, and earn points while you learn about our protocol.

  • Are You Smarter Than a Cloner?: Test your knowledge of Clone Protocol in this challenge and earn points as you learn.

  • Clone Connect Community Call: Attend our weekly community calls, catch the 'Word of the Call,' and use it to boost your Social Points.

These activities not only enrich your understanding of Clone but also offer a fun and interactive way to earn points and contribute to the community. Participation in these events has already rewarded hundreds of Cloners with early access to our private mainnet through our whitelist. Although our private mainnet phase is over, the ongoing Zealy campaign continues to be vital, with all Zealy points contributing directly to the overall Points Program. Engage, learn, and climb the leaderboard with Clone!

Referral Points

Our newly added referral points are a fantastic way for you to grow alongside us by sharing the Clone experience with friends. Not only does this strengthen our ecosystem, but it also rewards you for your efforts in expanding our community.

How to Refer Users

Referring users to Clone is easy. Simply navigate to our points leaderboard on either Clone Markets or Clone Liquidity to access your unique referral code or URL.

Share your URL with friends, and upon the successful connection of their wallet using your link, you've officially made a referral!

Earning Referral Points

You'll receive 10% of all trading and liquidity points generated by every new user you refer to the Clone ecosystem. It's an ongoing reward that continuously appreciates as your referred users stay active on Clone. Referral points will not be affected by any ongoing points multiplier promotions. There is no limit on the number of user you can refer!

By integrating the referral points into our points program, we aim to not only enhance the Clone experience for our current users but also welcome new members into our community with open arms.

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