Welcome to Clone

Explore Clone, the home of non-native token trading on Solana. Discover clAssets, delve into our beautiful UIs, and unlock new opportunities in the evolving world of decentralized finance.
Native liquidity provisioning for non-native assets
Harnessing the power of the high-speed, low-cost Solana blockchain, we've engineered a groundbreaking protocol for the creation and trading of our unique 'cloned' assets, known as clAssets. Utilizing our innovative Comet Liquidity System, we can facilitate the emergence of an expansive array of non-native token markets (like Arbitrum and Optimism) directly on Solana. These markets offer deep liquidity for a wide variety of assets with minimal capital requirements, allowing us to scale to new markets quickly. Join us in redefining the possibilities of decentralized finance.

What Are clAssets?

clAssets are unique 'cloned' versions of existing onchain assets on Clone protocol. They are designed to mimic the price movements of their non-native counterparts, which allows Solana users to trade and a vast range of tokens on our platform. However, clAssets are more than just replicas; they form the bedrock of Clone's unique ecosystem.
Powered by the Comet Liquidity System, clAssets enable the creation of highly liquid markets with minimal capital requirements. This efficiency allows us to add new markets rapidly and scale quickly, bringing a wider range of trading opportunities to users on Solana. By trading on Clone, users can manage their entire crypto investment portfolio within a single platform, harnessing the power of one of the most liquid and capital-efficient platforms in DeFi. With clAssets, Clone doesn't just reflect the crypto market – it revolutionizes it.

Why Clone?

Central to the Clone experience are two primary user interfaces: Clone Liquidity and Clone Markets, each serving a distinct purpose. Clone Liquidity introduces users to our novel and efficient liquidity solution - the Comet Liquidity System. For Clone Markets we shift focus to the trading arena. Here, traders can buy and sell clAssets with instant settlement and zero counterparty risk. Together, these interfaces embody the essence of Clone - a blend of efficiency, inclusivity, and usability. Clone is more than just a protocol. It's an integrated platform designed to offer deep liquidity with low capital requirements for a diverse array of non-native assets, all within a single, innovative exchange . Our mission extends beyond just technological innovation; it's about fostering financial accessibility and inclusivity, while bringing a new generation of token diversity to Solana DeFi.